Featured Video: A Sneak Peek of Legion Online

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Welcome to Legion Online!

Legion Online is an epic adventure about the never-ending war between the Legion and the Hellspawn.

Once, there was a peaceful land named Aerilon, inhabited by humans. But then, all hell broke loose when a gate spawned in the most southern part of Aerilon. Demons started spawning, the dead began to rise, and a hero is needed.. That's where you come in!

You can play online with other people, make friends, complete quests, earn gear, XP, reputation, level up and much much more! To get started you will want to create a StrickenSoftworks account.

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Join the war to help defeat the Hellspawn, and play Legion Online now!

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Launch Progress!

Here you can see how much progress needs to be made until the open BETA version of Legion Online is released.


More Information

We are currently working on adding an in-game minimap.

Legion Online is estimated to be released on July 23, 2017.